BOSIFIL is rooted in an economically dynamic territory, the Seriana valley, that boasts a long tradition in the textile and manufacturing industries which thrive mostly due to family-run businesses.

This is the traditional environment of the founding father, Antonio Bosio. In the 1960s, Antonio Bosio ran a small weaving business for subcontracting, a 240 sqm facility in Peia (Italy), ÔÇťaround the corner" from his home town.

In 1971 his sons Angelo, Romano and Michele followed their father's steps and founded their own business, which included warping and warehouse operations on a 2500 sqm area.

Today Bosifil is a solid organization, an industry leader in the national market with a structured and broad offer of raw materials: discontinuous fibers of cotton, traditional polyester, flame resistant polyester, intimate blends of polyester-cotton, polyester-viscose, cotton-nylon 6.6.

In-house winding and twisting operations allow Bosifil to provide an accurate and timely service, and use passion and expertise to take care of each and every customer's requirements. Bosifil is supported by specialized couriers to deliver it products in a fast and timely fashion, including in 24 hours, for a wide range of order sizes from a box to a container.